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Today my life is full of joyful moments. I am fortunate to have an amazing husband and three children who rally around me to cheer me on. I am also blessed to have powerful connections to talented people doing amazing things.


Yet, some parts of my life have not been so great. There seemed to be no place where I fit in or could find community. Isolation and rejection became norms that were easier to bear than the alternative. The price of acceptance was too high. And it was just when I first resigned myself to a fate of loneliness, that I met my husband 27 years ago. Since then I have developed a unique perspective of customer loyalty and brand value. 


Being in an interracial relationship in the deep south has cultivated unique skills of discernment. I have gotten better and figuring out when we should avoid a business rather than be subjected to bad (aka no) service. Even in 2016 we have gone into restaurants and essentially been denied service by servers who make a point of never even acknowledging us as they walk by our table. And that has happened more than a couple times in the place where we live. We had one server approach,  turn her back and address the table next to us repeatedly. There are places we avoid completely because finding a place that would actually welcome us for dinner can be so challenging.


One day while traveling in Arizona I realized how much energy it took to keep myself in a positive mindset working toward fulfilling my life’s purpose and creative vision. Not allowing others limited view of me or the world deter me has made me a stronger more determined person. It has strengthened my conviction to ensure everyone has a safe place. My children are the first in at least five generations to grow up free of the scars of domestic abuse and violence. They have benefited from an example of a loving family life I couldn’t have imagined growing up. My earliest memories of my parents were flashes of a gun pressed to my mother’s head then later seeing her dragged down the hall  or bruises on her face. Thankfully my mother escaped for both our sake. 

The combination of my early childhood shadowed by domestic abuse and early adult loss of a friend who might still be alive if she had had a community that empowered her. In that context she would have chosen a loving husband who was supportive instead of a man who violated her trust, abused and finally murdered her.  These early life experiences have forged a commitment to using our work to make a positive difference.

It is because of this complicated life experience that Women Crossings has such a special place in my heart. In more recent years I have spent a considerable amount of time devoted to women’s issues and the impact on children. That has led me to focus on solutions. In particularly, Art Based Solutions from which Women Crossings was born. Everyone deserves a place of belonging and the staged play portion of this program contemplates this idea to create anchor  content for a larger campaign and community. The most special being those communities that pour into you to help make you the best you can be. In 2016 I have had that experience with the Evolutionary Business Council that been an inspiration. It has led to a series of powerfully positive “women crossings” that have put my mission with Women Crossings front and center.  Beyond the statistics about women starting majority of new businesses , influencing nearly 80% of purchasing decisions,  or owning majority of financial assets are the experiences that shape our lives. Despite billions spent on advertising each year studies show women still don’t feel advertisers understand them. As cause marketing popularity grows so does the demand for innovation and solutions like this.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for your business to rise above the noise by really connecting with your future and current customers.

This is an opportunity to do that and so much more:

* Grow your market share,

* Increase loyalty,

* Increase brand positive impact

* Leave a brand legacy that matters


Personal experience and social research support the use of art to cultivate community , advance change through creative celebration. Instead of the usual public awareness campaign or strategies that seek to intervene at the height of a traumatic episode; Women Crossings takes a long game approach using performance as core intervention/prevention. Rather than simply offering sponsor a single event, it is a series of related events and content that cultivates its audience to be part of the change to end domestic abuse. The vision for this project cleverly integrates the marketing of the program as part of the solution. Therefore making this intervention program’s sustainability an integral part of the solution design by delivering a one of a kind event branding program for business sponsors like you. Even better it is a project conceptualized to evolve from a performance series into a movement to end domestic abuse, instead of your typical social media buzz that quickly fizzles out to be forgotten.

I want more than anything to bring projects like this to life for the good of your business and our world. To do so I need support from organizations like yours. I want to answer your questions, and talk about customization opportunities. 

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                                                                              ~ Yvette Dubel



Big Picture…

Domestic abuse goes to heart of many seemingly intractable personal and social problems. Research shows that economic abuse and control is often the precursor to more aggressive violence. And so it is at this less traumatic point that our movement intervenes with prevention and intervention initiatives.  This project uses an Art Based Research approach to create a program  series that will serve many communities on multiple levels. The performances are not just subjects in our documentary, it is the core of an online self paced asset management program. The resulting interactive curriculum will be donated to support local community service organizations. 


  • Studies show that 70-95 percent of incarcerated, homeless and addicted populations have a history of domestic violence/abuse
  • Dramatically decrease victims of violent crime, homelessness, and addiction by focusing on economic abuse as the intervention/prevention pivot point
  • Least traumatic point of intervention this pivot point focus takes a strategic approach
  • Addresses a persistent and prevalent risk factor for incarceration, homelessness, addiction and violence which cost billions in lives and dollars
  • Project will result in a research based program that is freely available online for at least the next 10 years and built in marketing/engagement on the ground.

Help for Sponsors:

Avoid Price War Chaos – your marketplace has become more competitive than ever before and competing on price alone is a dead end. You are challenged to give shoppers a reason to choose YOUR BRAND AND YOUR LOCATION. Research shows prices and selection aren’t enough. You must prove your business is good for individuals in the community and the community as a whole and you have to do it in ways that are memorable and meaningful. Failing to do so is critical to positive customer retention and your brand value.

This sponsorship opportunity helps you take advantage of NYC ambiance and creative legacy to extend shelf life and reach of your promotional/branding campaign. This is an opportunity for national, even international, exposure over time, not just a brief blip on social media. 


  • 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality.
  • Studies show a notable correlation between employee and customer retention
  • As little as a 5% increase in customer retention can mean as much as 85% increase in profits
  • Engaging women as decision makers makes sense for any business that plans on sticking around. Because as a “target demographic” women influence 80% of purchasing decisions, are reported to own more than 60% of financial assets, and happen to be heavily represented in nonprofit sector organizations.
  • Women are overwhelmingly represented among victims of domestic abuse
  • Forbes magazine reported thatDomestic violence costs $8.3 billion in expenses annually: a combination of higher medical costs ($5.8 billion) and lost productivity ($2.5 billion).”
  • Get months, perhaps years, of visibility and reputation enhancement for a fraction of the cost of traditional media advertising
  • Get first acceptance of sponsorship opportunities for future performances and screenings

Not All Event Branding Opportunities Are Equal

Advantage of sponsoring this “Women Crossings Audition Callback NYC” event?

As a kick-off event it engages the potential audience for the stage production in the larger story of the Women Crossings movement. It is the opening for the project documentary about a movement anchored in creative rebellion for peace. This branding opportunity allows you to help advance vital conversations and actions for a better world.


  • Over one-half (56%) of those with an interest in the Arts say they would “Almost always” or “Frequently” buy a product sponsoring Arts or Cultural events over one that does not.
  • In contrast, according to previous Performance Research studies, only about a one-third (36%) of NFL fans, one-third (34%) of America’s Cup yachting enthusiasts and less than one-fifth (17%) of the 1996 Olympic Games audience chose products based on their sponsorships.
  • As a social media anchored campaign Women Crossings builds online and offline engagement. This opportunity is customized to enhance your in-store campaign to increase sales (i.e. in store sample give-aways or demos)
  • Even more revealing was that almost one-half (48%) of Americans with an interest in Art and Cultural events indicated that they hold a “Higher” trust in companies that sponsor these events compared to those who do not, while only 16% of Olympic Games enthusiasts claim a “Higher” trust in their sponsors.

(Source: Performance Research)


Social Media integration and the documentary give added exposure over extended periods of time. Delivering increased visibility to our Strategic Partners before, during and after each event in the series.

Sponsor Kick-Off Event

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