#WomenCrossings #EBCouncil Spotlight – Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens – Author, Speaker, Trainer & Content Creator

When I first met Catherine Saykaly-Stevens  I had no idea what she did professionally. Initially she was someone who impressed me with her comfort on stage and her ability to connect. Since then I’ve come to appreciate her expertise and her content online. If you don’t follow her you should. @CatherineNetWeb

Her webinar is a great opportunity to see what I mean….

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About Catherine

“Catherine has spent the last twenty years working with the internet, internet marketing and social media.

Today, Catherine coaches and trains the novice writer, and published author alike, to understand how to master social media, to build their audience and engage with fans and influencers.

Catherine is the author of Social Media Strategies for Writers (mid 2015) and will launch an author coaching program by the early fall.

Between 2008 and 2013, Catherine also purchased the speed dating company that introduced her to her husband the previous year. She successfully operated the company and its online presence for five years while studying on-line dating trends and fraudulent behavior targeted the online singles.

Catherine has two non-fiction projects going and has written some crime fiction.”