Women Crossings at the #EBCouncil Retreat #FoodForThought

Dinner after Evolutionary Business Council Retreat

Dinner after the EBC Retreat Detroit Michigan August 2016

This is a photo of (part of) the group at dinner after the end of the retreat. I am all the way down at end of the table on left side sitting in between Teresa Yeung and Deanna Burgart.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the EBC Retreat and attending member happenings namely Family Constellation events facilitated by Gary Stuart.

I was invited by founder Teresa de Grosbois who I met a few years ago because of Dr. Shawne Duperon and her Project Forgive.  It was great connecting with so many incredible people doing amazing things. In fact, I am going to be doing little feature blogs on EBC members that exemplified the kind of Women Crossings experiences I want this movement to inspire and be known for.

Finally attending this incredible EBC event has changed my life because I have never gotten that kind of encouragement and support from a community of people. Describing that experience of clicking with someone new is not easy, so imagine when this happens with a group of people.

It’s ok that my community is spread around the world rather tucked neatly into my hometown. Fortunately the internet, cell phones and ECB events help maintain these powerful connections. This makes networking no longer feel like work approached with dread or hesitation. In fact, it makes it easy to be authentically joyful in undertaking the day to day work of building a movement that will help end domestic abuse. The cause is worthwhile of that I have no doubt. I am grateful to everyone who has ever encouraged me to persevere…ever. 

I have only mentioned a few people here but over the next several posts I will introduce you to more…and they won’t all be women. Why? Because they inspired me and made me feel embraced in a way that was new yet welcomed. I want to continue the momentum by using these post to introduce you to them and learn more about their work.

Women Crossings is all about creating a safe place and community building around positive ideals (inclusion, love in action, fulfilling life purpose, increasing the peace, celebration etc) so I am starting here and now. I am going to celebrate my community that happens to be spread around the world.