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The inaugural Women Crossings Development Retreat convened in Stevensville, MD at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Inn July 27-29th, 2016.

Primary achievements: 

  • Preparing for kick off event- “Women Crossings: Call back Auditions NYC”
  • Revisions for theatrical¬†musical performance
  • Planning sessions for performance tour and screenings
  • Regional economic development strategy plugin research
  • Revision of regional economic development strategy tie-in for tour/screenings

We also had great fun on our off time. Vino 301 Concierge partnered with the hotel to provide an exceptional customized regional wine tour. Both the vineyard and the distillery we visited offered a lovely introduction to wine and spirits products as part of the sustainable agriculture movement.

Yvette Dubel Camile Youssef WomenCrossings Development Retreat

Musician – Camile Youssef and WebAntiphon Founder/Artist-Research/Playwright Yvette Dubel

Yvette Dubel Camile Youssef WomenCrossings Development Retreat

Crow Vineyard Farm WomenCrossings Development Retreat

Inaugural Women Crossings Development Retreat Ends with a bottle of Sparkling Vidal from Crows Vineyard and Farm