#WomenCrossings #EBCouncil Spotlight – Dr. Shawne Duperon

Dr. Shawne Duperon

Dr. Shawne Duperon

Before giving the official introduction to Shawne, let me tell you how we first met. It was our convergence that led to me meeting Teresa.

It was just after she launched her Project Forgive. I had a project by the same name (Project:Forgive) at that time sparked by my father’s death and our unresolved issues. She had gotten some media coverage that mistakenly included my website link in her article. It just so happened that this occurred while I was away celebrating our wedding anniversary so I wasn’t really checking messages. But something made me check in and I got hers.

I did a quick summary blog post about her project and included a link back to her site. For me that was an easy call because after learning about it I felt hopeful and inspired. She and her team were very grateful and I heard from several people thanking me. Shawne and Teresa actually wanted to speak and connect with me. (That’s when I was first invited to an EBC event.) We connected on LinkedIn and Facebook but it wasn’t until the August (2016) EBC Retreat that I really understood how much we have in common. She became even more of an inspiration.

Watching her coach people on stage during the retreat was awesome because was a profound mix of tough love and genuine compassion. She is truly a force for good.

Evolutionary Business Council Board Member

Six-time EMMY® Award winner, Dr Shawne Duperon has been in the television business nearly 20 years. She has taught thousands how to master receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity and media coverage. This on-camera media coach propels you with power and charisma to land exquisite media interviews. She works with corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies, teaching you how to create epidemics in traditional and social media that exponentially grow your business and career, www.ShawneTV.com.

She’s collaborated with many best-selling authors along with folks like Joel Comm of Twitter Power. Shawne has replaced Bill Ford of Ford Motor Company when she spoke at the Department of Defense and lectures on cruise ships across the globe on her PhD expertise in gossip (yes gossip!).

Shawne has interviewed most presidents and has filmed hundreds of celebrities including Morgan Freeman, Yo Yo Ma, Senator McCain and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. You’ve watched her on national networks like ABC, The CBS Early Show, USA Today and the CBC. She’s creating a movement on forgiveness, through the documentary “Project: Forgive” – a compelling look at how and why humans dance in the conversation of forgiveness. Join us atwww.facebook.com/projectforgive