#WomenCrossings #EBCouncil Spotlight – Master Teresa Yeung

Chi Gong Master Teresa  Yeung

Chi Gong Master Teresa Yeung

Meeting Teresa was one of the many high points of the EBC retreat for me. It was late morning and I was running out of steam. Without my usual coffee intake earlier that morning my body was calling for rest if not sleep.  I set out for a rather habitual quest for my favorite source of caffeine. Instead, Pam sent me to Teresa. “Ask her to give you some energy,” Pam instructed. Although this was an unexpected response, I did it and I don’t think I will ever be the same. Not because I was unaware of energy and bodywork or even Chi Gong, but because it reminded me that I had been interested in the practice. Teresa stood before me an obvious master of the practice.

When she started to give me energy I suddenly felt unsure of myself and declared I didn’t know what to do. Interesting as this was a theme about receiving and allowing that had come up previously. Ok- Teresa told me. Just bend over and put your head down and she made a kind of fanning motion above me. I arose recharged and alert.  I hugged her and thanked her for her help. She told me about a 5 min video she had that I could use to start trying this myself.

And my first few attempts to follow the exercise in her video have encouraged me to continue. I would definitely encourage you to visit her website and subscribe to her list and YouTube channel.

The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong




Teresa Yeung is a Generational Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer and author. The mission and motivation of Master Teresa is rooted in a traditional Chinese Proverb, “when you give a person a fish, you feed them once, but if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.” She founded the Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong to raise consciousness, and develop knowledge and teachings to accelerate integrative healings of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state. She is the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. Wu was a distinguished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people..

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Teresa wrote the forward for “Coach Melvin’s TOP SECRET Minibook: How To Prevent Sickness and Dis – Ease”   –When our health is greater than our minor discomforts, that’s when we can truly say that we are healthy. This is what exceptional health is all about. Coach Melvin’s book seeks to help keep it that way.