#WomenCrossings #EBCouncil Spotlight – Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske-Author, Speaker, Coach

I met Lisa Marie as one of my table mates at the ECB retreat that inspired this series. She was another of the inspiring people I met there. She left me with a few gems. One was the power of vulnerability. And these are not in any order of importance but another was a new way to affirm instead of negate self when we make a mistake. From stage during her presentation when she would lose her place or something she’d declare “I’m so sexy!”

I feel like that is pretty life changing right there. But then afterwards we connected and she helped me look at the things that irked me most as my SuperPower. That is a powerful reframing. And so it was official. I became a fan.

She was instrumental in rewriting the backstory narrative for the Women Crossings site.  And in our conversation she urged me to make the same move that Rob Lowe had…not just networking but making connections with the people who could help me realize the vision for Women Crossings.  Her book
“7 Keys to Mastering Connection: The Success Guide to Opportunities, Income, and Influence”  has proven a valuable resource in helping me continue to move forward and overcome my apprehension around networking. Here’s the review I wrote for her new book:

“Accessible easy to follow guide”

I appreciated the upbeat style and specific guidance about making connections…not just networking. If this something you’ve struggled with, Lisa Marie helps you with this book.
I found it helpful to listen all the way through and then listen again doing the exercises along the way. If you’re willing to keep at it…you’ll find this to be a valuable resource.
Good luck!

I wanted to time this blog post to let you know about her upcoming webinar so you can experience her for yourself.

My friend Lisa Marie Platske, president of Upside Thinking™ and founder of Design Your Destiny Live™, has helped thousands of women use their superpowers to get the results they wanted, over and over again. Translating to six-figure profits, clients, and partnerships galore!

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